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    A Lull

    Written by admin on May 19 2015

    My life is currently on pause. My semester ended two weeks ago, and now I’m waiting for my two, new fantastic jobs to start up. My first job is a English tutor at a local Nursing college. I’m being paid more per hour than I ever have before! And, the experience this job will give me fits into my career goals perfectly. I haven’t done anything yet- well, I did some online training things that had to do with policy. No training for actual tutoring. Supposedly, I’ll be contacted when a student needs me. I know it is the beginning of the semester, but it seems weird to me that I haven’t done anything yet.

    I also have another job working at a local college prep summer program. I’m just waiting for my background check to clear. I’ve done practically nothing the last two weeks. I took practice PRAXIS exam, but that’s it! I did really well on the practice (104/130). I lost points on questions about poetry. I’ll need to study that. I’m going to hit the books..soon.  I plan on taking it in July.

    One of my goals is to lose weight and exercise more. I’ve been using myfitnesspal religiously. I’ve almost lost 10lbs! Today I did 20 minutes of kickboxing, and a little yoga introduction. I really want to hike in the mornings, but the lovely husband wants to get our sleep schedule on track first. (Did I mention I’ve been doing nothing lately, so I can sleep in as much as I want….yeah. Bad idea for me!)

    I really want to create some valuable teaching material and lesson plans this summer, but I’m sure where to start.  Should I just pick a book and start doing some lesson planning using that as a base? I also have a long list of books I want to read this summer. Maybe a little schedule will do me good.

    8:30 am-Wake, eat breakfast, work my body-cardio.

    9:30-shower, dress. Read 15 minutes.

    10ish-lesson planning

    noon-1pm-clean and lunch for me. Make lunch for the lover.

    12:30-3: Non-tv/computer type entertainment. Crafts, go for a walk, write, read, color.

    3-3:30-work my body-yoga, or non-cardio.

    3:30-5- Study for Praxis

    5-end. Make dinner and spend time with the one I love.

    Sleep by 11pm.


    …And, that schedule makes me look lazy! haha. I’m really in limbo until my jobs start! Nevertheless, I think I’ll give this schedule a try tomorrow!


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